I pledge to volunteer my services for the re-election bid of Honourable Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo . I will support and canvass for votes for him within and outside my community. While carrying out these functions, I will be of good behaviour and will never support electoral violence.

I will preach peaceful co-existence in my ward and local government between members of different political parties.

I believe and am also connected to ONYE NDOZIE Political Philosophy of development and support for our people during and after the 2019 election.



To get enlisted and become a member of the ONYE NDOZI CONNECT IS EASY. We have multiple platforms for registration. REGISTRATION IS FREE

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  2. Manual Registration for those without Access to Internet.

A form can be collected from Onyendozi Connect Local Government Coordinators and Ward Co-ordinators. These forms are free of charge. You will fill the form and attach a passport photograph.  These forms will be uploaded to our database.

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