About us

ONYENDOZI CONNECT is a platform and support group set up to meet the yearnings and demands of Anambra people, particularly Dunukofia , Njikoka and Anaocha Local Government Electorates that wants to participate actively in canvasing for votes  for the re-election of Hon. Ferdinand Dozie nwankwo ( ONYE NDOZI NWACHINEMELU ) as member representing DNA in the 2019 February Election .

ONYE NDOZI CONNECT Team member are 100%  CONNECTED to his political Philosophy of helping the needy and attracting Federal government projects to our communities .

Its a great opportunity for our people to connect with the grace root politics in DNA. Even our people in diaspora who are interested to participate in politics will take advantage of these platform to contribute their own quota  in the political process in Dunukofia , Njikoka And Anaocha Federal Constituency . Onye Ndozi Connect will connect members towards a global effort to return Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo to the House of Representative in 2019 .

The platform enables professionals from all works of life; public and privates sector operators, religious organisations and political associates of Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo within and outside Anambra  to CONNECT with the dreams and good work already done by ONYE NDOZI. Connecting with Onye Ndozi is also a proof of solidarity and established commitment by all the connectors to campaign effectively within the Local Government , Communities and villages in DNA for the continuation of the developmental strides of a great philanthropist ,humanitarian and Politician , God has used to bless our constituency  for the past years .

ONYE NDOZI Nwachinemelu na Enugwu- Ukwu na Umunri, Osinachi Anaocha , na AKALAKA NTEJE ABOGU  has friends across the state who wish to contribute their human and material resources to further encourage him to continue the Good work he is doing in Ananmbra through his Foundation and office as a house of representative member . This platform provides them with such opportunity .

Membership to these group connects you automatically to all the official social media handles of ONYE NDOZI, and the structures set up for information dissemination during and after the 2019 election . This will enable you get vital information about ONYE NDOZI, his campaign programs and activities. In addition to these , is having your name on the database of those that played a vital role in the re-election of Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo in 2019 election. Check the roles and benefits of membership  for details.

The desire of Onye Ndozi to return to the house of representatives have received tremendous support from all nook and crannies of our constituency based on his  achievement , after he reclaimed his mandate from The People Democratic party Candidate  Hon. Okey Eze Through the court of law . A process that delayed but did not stop the actual take-off of projects and legislative processes of developing DNA constituency .

ONYE NDOZI CONNECT will connect people with  like minds on the Re-election Project of Honourable Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo ,  the platform will help DNA electorate to send in pressing needs of their communities through an effective feedback mechanism and  online channel on the website that will be transmitted to the Federal Government of Nigeria  for immediate action through ONYE NDOZI .

The CONNECT MEMBERS will help to ensure that our votes counts and that there will be peaceful co-existence during and after the 2019 elections in DNA communities.

Our vision is to ensure that DNA people connect with the Honourable Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwos’s Desire for the Development of DNA constituency and Anambra in General.

Our mission is to enlighten DNA Communities and the electorate on the need to connect and vote  for Hon.Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo on his re-election bid based on his track record or achievement in the period he has served our people .


We accept freewill donations inform of branded items like T-shirts and face caps, all the tools which include banners, placards, public address systems, flyers, gifts and refreshments, safety and sanitary implements and other necessary tools for each service may be procured, rented or freely contributed by members and citizens. Reflective jackets for control of traffic during our community based project days, gifts and souvenirs, cash donations, sponsorship of logistics during the election period, cash donations and many more .

A lot of people within and outside Anambra want to connect with the re-election project of Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo due to his sincerity in serving his people over the years before coming into political office .

The demand for a platform that will accommodate all these interest gave birth to ONYE NDOZI CONNECT . The deployment of ICT structure for the project helps to connect people from different parts of the world for a concerted effort to push the political Ideology of Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo at all times .Consequently the platform gives the much needed avenue for total support for our own, at this election period and many years to come .

The free expression of interest to participate in this project makes its unique and second to none within the political history of Nigeria as a whole .

In the platform , ideas would be shared ,concerted effort at vote canvassing , Mobile app world be deployed with eye witness  feature for reporting events .

Members will do a recorded video stating their resolve to serve and it would be uploaded on the website.

Real grass root mobilization will take place and everybody will have a good sense of belonging to the winning team .

Our aims and objective is to educate the electorates in DNA Federal constituency and beyond on the need to become politically active during the 2019 elections in Nigeria. The education involve a critical assessment and presentation on why ONYE NDOZI  should be returned to the house of representative ,Which is based on his track record in helping and supporting the constituency within the last thirteen years through his Dozie Nwankwo Foundation , developmental strides , political disposition and his legislative prowess as a member representing DNA . Members of The ONYE NDOZI CONNECT will Canvas for vote through a co-ordinated approach that entails showcasing his achievement in DNA communities and the upcoming projects that are contained in 2018 budgets that are yet to be  released by the Federal Government .

ONYE NDOZI CONNECT  will mobilise members to canvas for votes from other political parties through making available information that will educate on informed group about the commitment of ONYE NDOZI on the total development of our constituency through attracted Federal Government project that will transform and improve the quality of life of our people.

This group will go further to Educate the electorates on how to vote right and stand to ensure that their votes count.

We also aim to use community social services as a tool to attract people to the brand, ONYE NDOZI .

Our approach is centred on members of the CONNECT  to canvass  for votes and support  for ONYE NDOZI

We intend to make use of the social media and community based services to attract people to the brand ONYE NDOZI .

Through our get enlisted form we will mobilise volunteers that are ready to work for the re-election of Honourable Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo . These volunteers render their services at no cost. The joy of membership is based on active political participation in enthronement of quality political leadership which is inherent in the personality of Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo  (ONYE NDOZI )

As a volunteer you sign a code of conduct form that spells out the roles of members.

Community based activities will go a long way to attract people to the brand ONYE NDOZI.

We will produce banners, placards, public address systems, flyers, branded t-shirts and caps, support gifts and refreshments, safety and sanitary implements and other necessary tools for each service may be procured, rented or freely contributed by members and people of goodwill.

All the activities of the organisation will be documented and project report will be submitted monthly to Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo